My Amazing Grandma

Grandma & Lizzie at Furniture Store

My grandparents are always in my heart.  Our family recently sold the furniture store building, which means the memories flood our souls.  The photo was taken there.  Grandma and my niece, Lizzie.


I’ll share a letter I wrote for Grandma years ago.


Grandma’s Mother’s Day Gift 1995

Relaxed… trying to think of the word that best describes Grandma, this is the one I decide upon.  There are so many others… strong, confident, gracious… but I don’t remember a time that she wasn’t relaxed.


Throughout my childhood and even until recently, I believe I have taken this gift of hers for granted.


Grandma has always managed the furniture store in what seemed to me such an easy fashion… calling customers by name, earning a deep and true respect from all who have worked there, always dressed beautifully with her hair and makeup just so.


I was not amazed that Grandma would spend six days a week doing this, then prepare a wonderful meal each and every Sunday for our large family.  It was just what she did.  It never seems amazing when a person makes what they’re doing look so easy.


So, I was never amazed at the beautiful house, the excellent meals, the wonderful parties with the entire church attending.. they seemed so casual to me.


I was never amazed that she and Granddad had time for civic organizations and all the functions that involves.  Never amazed at the huge array of homemade Christmas candies.  Her sewing amazed me… but mostly for the beauty of it, and how quickly and easily she could sew a beautiful dress.  I was never amazed that she did it.


Well – I can tell you that I’m amazed now!


Grandma, how do you manage to do all of this?  More importantly, how do you manage to do all of this and stay so relaxed?  I work at my little store, usually pick supper up, or pop it in the microwave, complain about doing the dishes and have an idea that I will sew another dress next year when I have more time.  I usually manage to get to church on time, but there is definitely not a meal already cooking in the kitchen.  I refuse to join a club because it will take up too much of my time.  Not to mention the fact that I don’t even have any children.


I have certainly learned many lessons from my Grandma, and I’m thankful to be her granddaughter.


I hope that some of her beautiful character traits are mirrored in my life… but I’m striving for her gift of accomplishing so much in a day without hurrying through it.


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  1. Kim says:

    Precious memories, indeed! A beautiful letter!

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