My Birthday Wish

I’m writing this song just for me

Ulterior motives… you’ll see

I’ve a favor to ask

Just one simple task

Will you do it?  We’ll just have to see

Today is my birthday, you know

And I’d love for “My Field Days” to grow

The present I’d like

Is for you to invite

One person to join our show

When you are on this end of the weblog, you have this wonderful page called “The Dashboard”.  I’ve had fun learning to drive it!  One of the things I can see is how many people read every day, and if they’re repeat readers or brand new.  It’s so much fun when I see that brand new people are coming over to read.   I thank you all so very much.  You surely know by now how much I love to write, and having you for “an audience” is such a great treat to me!

So… maybe you know someone who loves the simple pleasures in life.  Or someone who doesn’t, but you wish they did.  Maybe you could invite someone from Portales, or someone who used to live in Portales, or someone who has never heard of Portales.  How about someone who loves family heirlooms.  Someone who loves flower beds.  Someone who feels equally at home on a cruise ship or in a tiny tent.  Or just someone who would get a kick out of my silly limericks.  Someone who loves barns or good coffee.

If you know someone like that, I’d sure be tickled if you’d send them a link to my website, or invite them to join My Field Days page on Facebook.  It would sure give me a birthday smile!  (This really wasn’t my birthday photo… but I’ve always loved a good cake and an eye-squinting grin!)

Thanks!  You’re the best!

4 Responses to “My Birthday Wish”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    Well, I will just see how many I can send an invite to today. Happy Birthday.

  2. Doris McAfee says:

    Sandy, Have a great b-day!

  3. Bette says:

    Absolutely love the picture!!! What a happy baby!!!

  4. Jan says:

    I love your stories, I am inviting my Daddy to your page. I know he will enjoy you writing.

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