My Charming Nana

Nana was born on this day in 1915. I’m thinking of her today, and enjoyed reading this letter I wrote for her 21 years ago.


Nana’s Mother’s Day Gift, 1995

Charming… this seems to be the perfect word to describe my Nana.


I can easily call to mind countless examples of Nana adding charm to the day.


In my busy, hurried life, I often wish that I would slow down and take time to make the day more delightful… the way Nana does.


It has been a treat to spend time with her and observe the way she so easily makes this a part of her life, refusing to be rushed.


Preparing a simple meal for her Christmas Bingo ladies, Nana makes it special by placing a cherry on each plate – just so.


A woman told me once about a time when she didn’t have time to prepare a box for the church box social.  Nana said she’d be glad to make an extra one.  This lady was so surprised when Nana arrived with a delightful boxed lunch all done up with ribbons… of course she would add this special touch.


When I’m there and hear Nana playing the piano each day, I tell myself that someday I’ll take the time to play my guitar every day.  What a treat to wake up to the sounds of Nana’s piano.


If you’re spending the night with her, you can expect the bed to be turned down… just so.


If guests drop in unexpectedly, Nana will have a delicious pie ready – that she made just in case.


If she’s been working in her beautiful yard all morning and needs to go to town, she’ll take the time to bathe, relax, and look ever so pretty before she goes.


Her purse always matches her shoes.  Her nails are always polished.  Her roses are always blooming.  She always has the time to visit with friends.  It’s a delight to see her spend her days in such a charming way.


It’s a delight to have her for my grandmother.  I hope that some of her grace and charm are mirrored in my life.


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  1. Cindy says:

    Always, always love to read what you write.

  2. Sheryl Borden says:

    I love this descriptive letter – and so true. Thanks for sharing it.

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