My Favorite Ornaments

One of my very favorites!  Hee hee!  I truly laugh at myself.  I say this so often.  I had just written the little piece about the blue truck ornament the night before I decorated my tree.  And I had said that this ornament was one of my very favorites.

As I spent the day placing my treasured collection on the tree, I handled one precious ornament after another… and there’s no doubt about it… at least half of them are among my very favorites.

Is your tree like mine?  Old ones, new ones.  Glass, satin, velvet, wood.  Homemade, trumpets, angels, teddy bears.  From travels, from friends, from family.  My tree is a fabulous menagerie of memories.

All the while I’m hanging seashells and guitars and snowflakes and nutcrackers, the music of Christmas is filling the barn.  “Wizards in Winter” takes me back to a fun concert with friends.  “Tafalague Sahyao” plays, and I’m on the beach listening to the Guam Chorale.  Kenny G comes on, and I’m with friends on St. Thomas.  When the Flying J Wranglers sing “Corn, Water and Wood”, I’m always moved to tears.  I don’t even know why.  It’s a new song to me, and it just feels like home.  I’m right there in the Memorial Building, surrounded by family and friends, enjoying their Christmas show.  And of course my IPod is filled with all the classics, and when Bing Crosby sings… that’s just Christmas in a nutshell!

It takes me a full day to hang my lifelong collection.  It’s a day I always cherish.  A day I don’t rush through.


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10 Responses to “My Favorite Ornaments”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    Pretty, pretty, pretty! ! ! !

  2. Janice says:

    This is exactly how I feel while hanging ornaments on my tree. Which as you know I still have everyone you made us.

  3. Kim says:

    You do have a beautiful tree! Most of my ornaments are meaningful, too. We always remember exactly where we got each one, and what we were doing at the time.

  4. Sandy says:

    I love trees that tell stories!

  5. Betty W. says:

    One of the nicest things about this time of year…remembering so many other special times and people and places. Your tree is lovely and so is this column.

  6. Nico says:

    I understand. I have so many special ornaments that I have started hanging them on swags and yet I still need a bigger tree or maybe more swags.

  7. Sandy says:

    Nico! What a great idea!!

  8. Micah says:

    Now that the kids help me with the tree, it is sooooo much fun. We carefully unwrap one of the treasures…someone squeals and says, “oh I remember that one……”and tells a story. Decorating the tree is one of our favorite activities of the year!

  9. Donna McBroom says:

    My tree is a lot like you describe…old and new, ornaments collected through the years, and many from family and friends. I even have some that hung on my grandparents trees and a few whitehouse ornaments as well.

  10. Pilar says:

    I still decorate our Christmas tree with all the ornaments you sent us every year since 1997 and will tell them the story of each ornaments. I like the barn house, the jeep, the musical sign all of it:-) plus the ones from our island home. This year attended a Women’s craft day at church in Nevada and learned a couple ornaments:-)….hoping to make one for next year’s giveaways.

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