My Guy Turns Fifty


One time I gave him a plate for Christmas, and I wrote on the back of it that I’d love to give him an empty plate.  This husband of mine… he works so hard.

Last month we were insanely busy.  I was making breakfast late one Saturday morning.  He came downstairs from his desk, and everything wasn’t quite ready, so he stepped out onto the front porch, and through the windows I saw him sitting on the glider brushing our sweet cat, Peloton.  I got a big ol’ lump in my throat just to see him relaxing.

He’s finally catching up to me and turning 50 this week.  If you don’t know my dear G, I invite you over to his website to see what he does for a living.


Field Day, Inc.


Meanwhile, he’s going to relax a little bit this week, and I’m tickled pink.  Happy birthday, Gary!


4 Responses to “My Guy Turns Fifty”

  1. lawaanda calton says:

    Sure enjoyed reading this…..looking back over the years, the people along the way, the places. Memories you have made! Along with cabinets, closets, and such!

  2. Betty Williamson says:

    Hope you both have a most splendid week on the high seas! Welcome to the fifty club a little late…I’m already fifty-one-derful! 😀

  3. Nico says:

    On my first cruise, we giggled as the waitstaff would nightly sing, “Hoppy bird day two shoes.” Of course, these hard working folks spoke much better English than I spoke their languages! I’m sad to report that I am uni-lingual, unlike everyone employed on board. So, dear Gary, “Hoppy bird day two shoes!”

  4. What a sweet birthday proclamation for your love! Fifty sounds NIFTY! Would be nice to be there, again! 😉

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