My Manicure

Will Rogers said, “What the country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds.”

How I love this quote.  It’s fun to conjure it up when I’ve been in my flowerbeds all day and my nails are black with soil.

It’s finally time to get back out there in our yards, think about plowing our garden rows, mix that mulch into the beds.  As flowers start appearing in our local nurseries and stores, I know many of you are just like me, and can’t wait to buy a few flats and get them in the ground.  The little beauties call our names from the front porches of businesses, and we can’t resist.

I remind myself that it can easily freeze in April.  I know good and well that I shouldn’t get my hopes up for my crepe myrtles until May.  But the calendar says “Spring”, and I’m ready to do just that!  I’ve got my new gardening gloves which will surely have holes in them before too long.  I’ve got plans for my prettiest flowerbeds ever, and I’m counting on having those dirty fingernails.

My back may get a little tired, but my mind is always cleared and renewed when I’ve got my hands in the dirt.  Now that’s my idea of a manicure.


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  1. Lawanda Calton says:

    You were 9 or 10 years old, and I remember clearly that you enjoyed pulling weeds with me …..we played Lucy and Bib! Great fun, and like you say, a good feeling of accomplishment!

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