Name That Cream

It has been grueling work.  I have sacrificed my time and energy.  I do it for my fellow man.  It’s the kind of person I am.  I have perfected my new ice cream recipe.  Several have helped with the tasting, and I’m eternally grateful.

I got this idea to use buttermilk since I had some in the refrigerator.  (Remnants of a carton left from some of G’s delicious biscuits.)  Since I’ve always loved sour cream ice cream, it seemed logical that I’d love buttermilk ice cream.  And I do!

My first batch also had sour cream in it.  Fabulous… but I was just tossing things in, and had no clue of the recipe measurements.  Then I tried straight buttermilk and heavy cream with sugar.  Rich!  Thick and rich!  Then I thinned that recipe down with some milk and tried it out on yet another audience.  And just now I have stirred up what I believe to be the perfect batch!

Here’s the deal.  You kind of need to warn people of the secret ingredient.  Otherwise, they might think something has gone awry with the cream.  If you tell them it’s kind of like cheese cake, they really smile.  If you just say it has buttermilk in it, they will typically wrinkle their forehead at you.

I don’t know what to name it.  “Buttermilk Ice Cream” is obvious, but won’t get lots of takers without some coaxing.  My cousin suggested “Cheese Cake Ice Cream”, but I think that implies cream cheese in the recipe.   I thought about “Sandy’s Sweet-Tart Ice Cream”, but my mom thinks that sounds like it will be filled with those little powdery candies.  If you can get people to eat a pie named “Shoo Fly”, then really… you should be able to name this something fun and get away with it.  I just don’t know what it should be called.

Here’s the recipe.  Try this tiny batch (you will be so happy you did) and then be ready to double or triple it!  Next… let me know what I should name this rich and scrumptious concoction!

1 Cup Buttermilk

1 Cup Heavy Cream

1 Cup Whole Milk

1 Cup Sugar

1 tsp Vanilla

Hey… I just had this thought!  What if I put cherry extract instead of vanilla?  Call that batch “Cherry Cheese Cake Ice Cream”.  I’ve got to try it!

10 Responses to “Name That Cream”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    “Butter-Cream Ice Cream” and why not put a whole jar of Marishino (sp) cherries in it?
    I just gotta try this!

  2. Sandy says:

    Ooh.. I like butter cream. The cherries would be too sweet for me. I’d have to go with tart! I wondered about a can of unsweetened cherry pie filling. Good thing there’s plenty of summertime left! We have a lot of experimenting to do!!

  3. lawanda calton says:

    Yes….you’ve got your butter, your cream……good name!

  4. Lori says:

    I’d love to try your next batch! I see you specified what kind of milk!!

  5. Sandy says:

    Yes.. I wouldn’t want someone putting in skim milk!
    As I was typing this recipe, I almost put “sweet milk”… which is what Nana always called it. (As opposed to buttermilk, I suppose.)
    I took it to the ice cream social Wednesday night, and it was enjoyed!

  6. Robin Green says:

    How about “One Cup Ice Cream” . . . it has one cup of everything in it (except vanilla).

  7. Sandy says:

    Hey… I like that! I guess if you triple the recipe, you just call it “Three Cup Ice Cream”!

  8. Bonita Hammontree says:

    What kind of freezer do you use and how much ice cream does it make?

  9. Sandy says:

    This just made a little batch in my Cuisinart freezer. Probably made a quart. If I were making this in my regular freezer (the kind with ice and rock salt) I’d triple this.

    I’m getting excited to make a batch with those canned tart cherries! Must finish eating what’s in our freezer first. =)

  10. Mona Roberts says:

    I thought of Butter Cream Ice Cream too

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