Nana’s Glider

I have this glider…

It’s an old metal glider that belonged to my Nana.  It’s not beautiful, but we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and to me… it’s an absolute treasure.  It sits on my front porch, freshly painted apple green, pretty new cushions, a patchwork quilt draped over it.  And there you’ll find us having morning coffee or relaxing in the evenings, watching our neighbors walk by with their dogs, enjoying the scent of the honeysuckle, planning out the day, or catching up on its events.

The thing weighs a ton.  We’ve moved it twice… once from Nana & Granddad’s back porch, and once from our old house to this barn we now call home.  The weight of it, combined with that familiar smell of mildew on the old cushions and the peeling paint, had my husband asking more than once, “Are you sure you want to keep this thing?”  No hesitation in my “Yes, I’m sure!!!”

Wonderful, early childhood memories surround this glider.  My sister, my cousins and I played so happily in Nana’s backyard on Main Street.  We made mud pies with juniper berries, climbed the metal porch poles, ran through the grass, and sat on this glider.  It was yesterday!  How in the world can my calendar tell me it was 40 years ago?

Gary and I build custom homes for a living.  Everyone wants big porches.  Hooray!  We love it… the return of the porch!  People visit on porches.  They relax on porches.  Escape from the worries of the world for awhile.  Enjoy some porch time!   And if you don’t have one… you can come sit on mine!

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