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One of the new things I’m enjoying this year is writing a column for the Portales News Tribune.  Thanks to the Tribune for allowing me to post it on my website as well.  Sharing the first two articles and some of my clippings.  (That’s me with my Nana at a Garden Club meeting.)

Does the Portales News Tribune flow through your life like it does through mine?  I grew up in Portales, so my scrapbooks are filled with clippings of spelling bees, talent shows, wedding announcements and obituaries.  I’ve also lived far away from Portales, and I have very fond memories of opening letters to find articles from this paper tucked inside.

In high school I was the editor of The Rampage.  One of my duties was to get our articles delivered to the Tribune for printing.  I always felt quite official stepping through those doors, smelling the ink, dropping off those important Did-Ya-Know documents.

My family has countless photos taken in front of the building with News Tribune lettering in the background.  For years it’s been the official gathering place for parade watching.

I’ve just spent the last hour looking through a huge album put together by my great-grandmother, filled with clippings.  They date back to the 50s, and some include little write-ups in a column titled “60 Years Ago” when it was the Portales Herald.  Yes, I’m reading a clipping about my great-grandparents’ marriage in 1913!

It’s the fabric of my life, and I count it a great privilege to contribute.  I suppose I’ll have to clip this out to save with my collection.

I love social networking… knowing that my neighbors are baking bread, my friends are celebrating birthdays, or my cousins are off to the zoo.

When I was a child, Mrs. Frances Christoe provided Portales with just such snippets of information in her News Tribune column.  She kept an eye out for all the goings-on, and I remember giggling with my sister if she phoned our grandparents’ house during a gathering.  She’d see all the cars lining the street, and we might be sure to get a call from “Christoe”, as she called herself, to inquire about the event.

Here are some delightful phrases I’m reading in the big scrapbook.  “The turkey dinner was announced for noon time and was an occasion of much happiness.”  “Pictures were made of the four generations.”

I love being mentioned in this article… the final tiny guest included in a list of more than thirty who were there when “the bountiful meal was announced at 6:30 o’clock.  After dinner many of the family members engaged in games of 42.”  What a wonderful way to say they played 42 after they ate.

Oh my!  She was a treasure.  Born in 1881, she worked for the News Tribune into her nineties, giving the community fun little “status updates”.  Wouldn’t she have loved Facebook!


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2 Responses to “News Tribune”

  1. Lawanda Calton says:

    It’s so much fun to read these clippings and your comments. Sure takes me back!

  2. Cheryl says:

    This reminds me of some of the clippings my mother had. The paper in Tuscaloosa, AL always announced when my mom came back home to visit her mom. The write-ups on the showers and parties were so much fun. I have to say though that my mom told us she thought they exaggerated a bit! She also talks about a Halloween party her teenage cousin gave when my mom was just a toddler. Her cousin dressed my mom up, placed her on a table and used her for a decoration! Not sure how long my mom lasted in that capacity. I love the time period when so many fun, “interesting” items were put in the newspaper. I’ll have to post some of my favorites when I have more time on my hands.:)

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