Not Carbon Copies

I’ve been wondering how people who grow up under the same roof could have great disagreement when it comes to politics.  It just seems like people would evolve with the same mindset if they’re given the same conditions, doesn’t it?  Seems like they’d agree on issues like taxes and spending and government involvement.

But that’s a pretty silly notion, I’ve come to believe.

People who grow up under the same roof aren’t carbon copies of one another.  One sibling is emotionally transported to heaven by the music of Beethoven and Isaac Watts, while another sibling only feels spiritually moved by musical groups like Jars of Clay.

One is a socialite, while the other wants to stay home reading a good book.  One is a saver, the other a spender.  While one travels the globe, their sibling wants nothing to do with airplanes and ships.  One can’t live without pets, the other won’t have one.

I watch it all unfold with great curiosity.  It’s a mystery I’ll study all the days of my life because it intrigues me so.   Humans!  What amazing creatures we are.  And while I wish everyone was planning to vote the same as I in three short weeks, I’m absolutely fascinated by our diversity.


2 Responses to “Not Carbon Copies”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    How did I miss this one in October? It is amazing.
    Who are the 3 little girls?

  2. Sandy says:

    Three of Gary’s sisters. (He has four!)

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