When I was a child, you didn’t just pop into one of the many stores lining the streets and choose items from a huge array on the shelves.  This was especially true because I lived in a small town.  And so I remember very vividly the first time I laid eyes on a toy soldier nutcracker.

My sister had just moved to Houston where she was starting her career, and I had just entered college.  We went down for a visit, and she took my mom and me to her favorite new store.  It was a year round Christmas wonderland.  When I saw this fellow, it was love at first sight.  My sister bought him for me.

I don’t have collections.  (Other than the coffee cups!)  But I do have a delightful collection of nutcrackers, and they make me smile every single December when they come out to play.

This is my first Steinbach.  My Nana took us Christmas shopping one year and told us to get anything we’d like, and this beauty fell right into the price range.  Here’s the funny part.  Although she had given me dolls for Christmas most of my life, now that I was a young married woman, she was determined to buy me clothes.  I kept insisting I wanted this hunting nutcracker.  She really balked at buying me “a doll” that year.  (Nana hadn’t been gripped by the nutcracker bug!)  I kept insisting that the clothes would be mine for a short while, but this treasure I would keep forever.  I’m a bit sorry I argued with her, but I’m sure glad I got my way!

Once my collection was growing, my Grandma enjoyed adding to it with the beautiful smokers.  Since Gary loved fishing in the islands, she enjoyed searching for fishermen.

I bought this man for myself.  He’s a woodworker with a musical lathe.  A “must have” when I saw it!

My dad found this “King of the Nutcrackers” at furniture market one year.

Friends and family have treated me many times over with sweet additions.  Precious miniatures hang on my Christmas tree.

Now days you can find these little darlings in almost every store in every town, and in every character imaginable.  I love my classics.  This one holds a special place in my heart.  We found him in an antiques store on our honeymoon.

I cherish these little people!  They’re a treasure chest full of grand memories!


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