Of Portales, New Mexico

A wonderful time together on St. Thomas

I am Sandy Calton Fields of Portales, New Mexico.  Never have I felt so keenly aware of that fact than on a day in January, eleven years ago.

I walked into the chapel at Wheeler’s wearing black velvet, in a long line with my family… a path you become all too familiar with if you are a part of a large family.  Most of us were wearing black velvet that day.  Granddad loved pretty clothes, and he would have been proud.  As his obituary was read, the list of grandchildren was called off like a role.  I’m the second oldest, so my name was read right away.  “Sandy Fields of Agat, Guam.”  As the other names were being read, I couldn’t get over the strange feeling that came from hearing that phrase, and I was thinking, “Is that who I am?”  I loved my time in the Pacific.  My memories from that decade of my life will always be highlights of my life.  But I always knew Portales was home.

He was the first of my grandparents to pass away.  Flying in from the other side of the world to bid him farewell is a melancholy memory.  It was a task I hoped I would never have to repeat.   I remain ever thankful that I was back in Portales to spend such good times with my three other grandparents in those final years.

I miss you Granddad.  We all do.

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  1. Bryan Loughmiller says:


    It is a day I will remember as well. He was a very good man! I count it a privilege to have been able to spend time with him and your family.

  2. Kim says:

    Eleven years……Doesn’t seem that long ago. Surely do miss that man!

  3. Jane Calton Welch says:

    Me too and that happy smirk of his! I told Kallie tonight that he would have called Trevor’s coach “Clabber-headed-idiot!” She asked what that was…lol. Sure do miss Daddy!

  4. Bette says:

    Love the picture!! Hope you are having a wonderful time!

  5. Sharon says:

    January is a month I could do without. Thank you for coming back home, remember when they visited you and had that new video camera, huge thing and he had trouble with the on and off button. Tried to watch the footage when they came home and it was like a giant roller coaster. What a character Daddy was!

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