I’m off to dear old PHS this weekend to see a musical.  Always enjoy the productions. Always love the memories of having my turn on that very same stage.  Of all the plays I was ever in, the best time of all was singing and dancing to the music of Rodgers and Hammerstein in “Oklahoma!”.  Oscar Hammerstein was a master of the lyrics, and the words from this musical find their way into my mind quite often.

I look out my back door and begin to sing “All the cattle are standing like statues.”

“Oh what a beautiful morning” pours out of my heart many, many days when I step out on my front porch.

Living in this farming and ranching community of ours can easily remind me that “One man likes to push a plow, the other likes to chase a cow.”

And for no particular reason other than fun, I just burst into “Everything’s up to date in Kansas City” once in awhile.

It doesn’t even have to be the words to the songs.  My favorite line of all, which you’ll still hear me quote on occasion, is “You’d shore feel like a queen settin’ up in that carriage.”

Now here’s the fun part.  I realize today!!  I AM Aunt Eller.  For pity’s sake… I have become the role I played.  I’m handing out instructions at the box social.  I’m meddling around with a little harmless matchmaking.  I’m keeping a watchful eye on ol’ “Jud Fry”.  I’m hosting the parties.  I guess I’ve never fired a gun in the air, told people to stop fighting and start singing, but that was a great scene – and I’m still pretty demanding.

I loved being cast as that character.  Maybe I haven’t become Aunt Eller.  Probably I’ve been Aunt Eller all my life!

(Here I am with my good friend Paul who played Curly.)

14 Responses to “Oklahoma!”

  1. Kim says:

    My favorite: “Oklahoma – where the wind comes sweeping down the plains!!!”

  2. bette says:

    This just gives me such a vision of what you are going to look like in forty or fifty years!!!

  3. Jay says:

    Hey, that play was one of the most fun things I did at PHS. Fun way to finish out my senior year.

  4. Sandy says:

    It was quite a performance! I would love to have a video of it. I wonder if anyone taped it “back in the day”!

  5. Robin Green says:

    When I saw the movie as a girl, I got nightmares from the scene where Jud starts the haystack on fire. I’ll bet you had fun doing that play.

  6. Sandy says:

    We all had a ball. It was over 30 years ago, and that really doesn’t seem possible… can picture it all so vividly. The choir director was a recent graduate from ENMU, and many of her friends from the drama department at the university were involved in directing, building sets and rehearsing with us. Surely they were getting some kind of credit for it. For a small high school, it was really a grand production!

  7. Marcea Clive says:

    I love the picture.

  8. Dawn says:

    No no no. Aunt Eller was probably in her seventies. I am sure of it. Your still a young spry thing and still reaching straight up to the sky! Love ya ma’am

  9. Lynn says:

    Yes that was so much fun! Steve Vollenweider was my dance partner. At one point, we jumped in the arms of our partner, and afterward he always held his back and limped around. I haven’t seen or heard from him since our 10th reunion. Oklahoma! was awesome.

  10. Sandy says:

    This morning I found old newspaper clippings… actually while I was looking for something else! We received glowing reviews. Yes, good times! =)

  11. lawanda calton says:

    Sandy, I can still see you vividly firing that pistol into the air and saying …….”this here’s a party”!

  12. Miles says:

    OKLAHOMA? I seem to have a vague recollection of that production as well.

    I also seem to recall feeling VERY grateful that ALI HAKEEM’s one song “”It’s a Scandal! It’s a Outrage!” was cut from the play.

    But hey, I got to make out with Margret Jonsson each night…so *that* was a plus.

  13. Sandy says:

    Oh Miles! Good to hear from you!!

  14. Margret Jonsson Evangelista says:

    Oh Miles! You flatter me! That’s the best laugh I’ve had today. What great memories we had back then. Definitely one of the big highlights of my time at Portales High School!

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