Old Trunk

I have this old trunk.

It came from Grandma and Granddad’s garage.  In our family we have some beautiful old trunks that have been refinished and refined… pretty works of art with soft antiquing and fabric lined interiors.   I had this in mind when I brought the thing home.  Upon closer inspection, I wasn’t up to that task!  And besides all that, I really liked the way it looked.  So it stayed rustic.  I don’t know the story of this trunk.  (Maybe some family member reading along can fill me in.)

Through the winter it sits there in the garage gathering a few cobwebs and some dust, but the contents and I are just waiting patiently for warmer days when we can get to work.  There’s my twine for the tendrils on the honeysuckle hedge, a variety of pruning tools, gloves, spades and seeds, shoes and old steak knives… my favorite dandelion getter!

Hooray!  The days have arrived.  I’ll be stopping by this trunk daily on my way outside. Talk about a treasure chest… this is it.  I’m entertained for hours on end with this loot!

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  1. Sue Moore says:

    I don’t know, Sandy…somehow your family history and mine HAS to be connected! This trunk look VERY familiar. It amazes me since my forebears are from the deep recesses of New England while I gather yours are from the Portales (or at least New Mexico) area; yet, so many antique items you pull out look so familiar to me. And, “Dearie, I’m much older than you!” (A little take-off on an old song in case you didn’t know.) Actually I’m old enough to be your mother! =) Oh, your posts just make me feel good. Thank you for making me smile inside and out!

  2. Sandy says:

    Mostly my great-grandparents were the generation that came to Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Some great-great-grandparents. But everyone at some point was coming on out west from the east coast. Someday I’ll have to write what I know about my first ancestor to step foot on the continent. =)

    Thanks for always giving me such encouragement!

  3. Marcea Clive says:

    I love old trunks. I have a couple and one holds Michael’s first little teddy bear and lots of other little treasures.

  4. Sandy says:

    I have a “looks old” trunk from Hobby Lobby up here by my desk. Kids always want to know what’s in it. They’re always so disappointed when I tell them it’s a bunch of old receipts and ledgers! Trunks are just meant to hold treasures!

  5. Beverly Green says:

    I have an old trunk bought by a favorite family aunt for her 26 day trip to the Carribean around 1920. It has been in my possession for over 40 years. First it lived under the eves in the attic. I put patterns, scrap books, and stuff I didn’t want to get rid of in that old trunk and it too gathered spider webs.
    Seven years ago when we moved the trunk went with us and lived in the garage. Last year once again that trunk moved here to Welcome. When we moved this last time I emptied the contents. To my surprise were patterns for my first maternity dresses 50 years ago. A high school scrap book (Harold said throw away but I said NO!) A pair of giant knitting needles the size of a shower rod. Lots of things were thrown away.
    I sent the trunk off to have handles put back on and it came back to the garage.
    Yesterday Harold decided to shrink wrap the trunk. I will now go out and unwrap it. I like your idea of collectng useful everyday objects to use. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sandy says:

    Beverly! Perfect timing for the story about the trunk! I’m glad yours will get to come out of the shrink wrap. What wonderful stories and treasures your trunk has been holding! Thanks for sharing them!!

  7. Cheryl Black says:

    I guess lots of people have old trunks! I have inherited a trunk that belonged to my great-great aunt in Alabama. I never remember seeing the trunk in her dog-trot house where she lived alone (never married) with feather beds, big fireplace for heat, single bulb hanging from the ceiling for light and a water bucket complete with a ladle on the back porch. Oh, and she also had a spring with a well house over it AND an outhouse! She kept her dirt yard clean by sweeping it! When she passed away in the late ’70’s my mother took possession of the trunk. She never emptied it but did add a few things. Through the years we’ve looked through it a bit laughing at some of the newspaper articles (so dramatic) and reading letters from the ’20’s and ’30’s. I took possession of the trunk in 2009. It sits in my entry way. I still haven’t gone through it…waiting for a little calm in my life, which may never happen! Thanks for making me think about it again! I’ll update information on the contents whenever I empty it, but don’t hold your breath.

  8. Sandy says:

    Another wonderful trunk story!!!! Thanks Cheryl! You have a really fun event on your “to do list”.

  9. michelle pond says:

    Sandy–Your house is gorgeous. I would like for you to come and see my old house and where I put some of the beautiful things I got from the big Borden house that you sold me at the garage sale.

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