On Sunday

On Sunday one of our sweet little great-nieces turned one.  My early morning treat was looking at adorable photos of her first year of life.

On Sunday one of our nephews left for Afghanistan.  My early morning prayer was for him, our niece, and their beautiful baby boy who will be apart for the coming months.

On Sunday we left town after sharing the Lord’s Supper with our church family.  It is my Sunday feast, and always brings me comfort and reassurance.

On Sunday we drove a couple of hours to visit my mother-in-law in the hospital.  It was a wonderful relief to see her making such progress and feeling so good.

On Sunday we received word that one of our classmates – and family to some of our close friends – was involved in a terrible and fatal accident.  We were completely shocked, and so very saddened.

On Sunday I saw a photo of my aunt’s car, smashed in an accident as she and two of my young cousins were driving home from church.  I was so thankful to read all the comments, seeing that all involved were safe and sound.  This world is a difficult place sometimes.

On Sunday we drove to Palo Duro Canyon to meet up with long-distance friends.  Being down in that tremendous canyon, enjoying good food, loving the musical that’s been a part of our lives since childhood, thrilling at the thunder and lightning scene, feeling so connected to the story… it was calming on such a day as this.

The play is ever evolving.  The story remains the same, but the lines are refreshed, the songs are rearranged.  On this Sunday, no hymn could have been more perfect than the one they sang.

Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say, ‘It is well, it is well with my soul’.

On Sunday we drove home late at night, arriving just before it turned Monday.  I presume this week will continue on just as it began.  Every day on this earth is so eventful.  Whether peace, like a river, attendeth our way… or whether sorrows, like sea billows roll… may it be well with our souls.


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17 Responses to “On Sunday”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    Sandy, this one brought tears………Thank you.

  2. It is true…this life is a circle of emotions, Sandy! Isn’t it good to know we are embraced and held tight by One Who is never shaken! His peace is yours, as well.

  3. Christy says:

    This made me cry.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for always being the great encourager and showing great attitudes no matter what happens. In my reading this morning…”If our reverence for God is real, however, we’ll show that reverence by yielding to His will in every instance, whether what happens next seems to be joyful or not.” I struggle sometimes with the fine line between “God’s will” and things that are just part of life in this broken world. But that is for another discussion. Amen to the thought from Carolyn that we can trust that God will forever remain unchanged and will always be our anchor if we but choose to hold onto Him.

  5. Jane Calton Welch says:

    What a wonderful article! Bubby wanted to request “Count Your Many Blessings” last night at church. Ever thankful my life has been closely spared one more time!

  6. Sharon Davis says:

    Wonderful article, thank goodness for Sunday, for new beginnings of a new week and blessings all around. The Lord has us in his hand and all is well..with our souls.

  7. Sandy says:

    This song has carried us through many days. I hope God uses it to comfort anyone reading this the way He uses it to comfort our family. Well… I know He does!

  8. Jill says:

    I found this framed song and it is hanging by my river picture you let me have. Always a great reminder of the times we spent with family, both the picture and the song.

  9. Kim Mann says:

    I get tears each time I read this. I am so sorry for the families who lost loved ones in the horrible train accident. The near miss of another tragic accident with Jane and the kids should be a sobering reminder to all of us…never take life for granted. It can be over in the bink of an eye.

  10. Sandy says:

    Yes… every day is to be treasured.
    Thank you, Kim, for reading and re-reading. I find myself reading it over and over myself. And I continue to cry.

  11. Denae says:

    This brought tears to my eyes this is a difficult work and everyday we are here we should cherish. Blessings to all. Beautifully written Sandy!

  12. Donna McBroom says:

    Thank you and love you!

  13. cindy says:

    I would love to share this with the fourth graders that I work with. Every morning, when it is time to do their writing, some of them just sit and when I tell them to get busy and write something, they respond with, “I am thinking, I don’t know what to write, I didn’t do anything yesterday to write about, I can’t think of anything to write about”,
    Sandy, you have such a wonderful gift. You are an inspiration to all who cross your path. I am thankful you are in my life.

  14. Lynelle says:

    Treasured your “On Sunday” article,Sandy. Very touching. Yes, what comfort from the words of that song.

  15. Sandy says:

    Thanks to all for such kind comments.
    Cindy, I have a little creative writing tip. Your comment makes me want to share it. I’ll do that in a day or two! =)

  16. Ruth Fields says:

    Shirley engineered me getting to read you websight. You are so gifted and it really touches my heart. With all the sadness hovering over us right now we can still say “It is well with my soul” and find peace and comfort. Thanks

  17. Sandy says:

    Ruth, thank you. Our God is such a comfort… and I can’t even begin to imagine how many thousands upon thousands of people have been soothed by the words to this beautiful song.

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