Our Courteous Romance

We just loaded boxes and boxes of very heavy flooring into the back of the truck – the love of my life and I.  Of course he thanked me politely and drove off to the job site.

I’m sitting here thinking of how courteous he is to me, and I to him… and I’m thinking that’s the key to a very happy marriage.

He thanks me for decorating the Christmas tree.  I thank him for putting half and half in my coffee.

He thanks me for changing the sheets on the bed.  I thank him for working so hard to provide for us.

He thanks me for hauling off the trash.  I thank him for hauling off the trash.

He thanks me for making sure the books are in order for the business.  I thank him for remembering to buy laundry soap.

He thanks me for setting pretty tables for our gatherings.  I thank him for sweeping the porch.

I’m quite sure we say “thank you” many, many more times in a week than we say “I love you”.  I appreciate that man for more reasons that I could begin to count.  And I feel extremely appreciated.  At the end of the day… that’s wonderful contentment.

Young lovers… wherever you are… I hope you’ll take this to heart.


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11 Responses to “Our Courteous Romance”

  1. michelle pond says:

    That is one of the things I love most about MY husband. He is so courteous to me always. Aren’t we blessed?

  2. Sandy says:

    Blessed indeed!

  3. Betty W. says:

    Wise words, indeed. Thank YOU for sharing them with us!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Such a sweet entry. Nothing beats having someone who appreciates you and verbalizes it. And then when you let the world know about how great that other person is…well, that is the icing on the cake. Thank YOU for reminding us how important that is!

  5. Sandy says:

    Thanks. He’s a sweetheart.. and I’d shout it from the rooftops every day… but it would drive him crazy!

  6. joyce says:

    thank you for the wonderful meal, or whatever we had, depending on what it was…but he thanked me for each one…and a “the house looks great” was another one that I loved…he never forgot to say thank you or I love you every day…no wonder we stayed together 49 years and still would be today if he had lived…his last words to me were “I love you”…got to love a man like that…I only hope I was as good to him as he was to me…

  7. Sandy says:

    Joyce, I’m thankful for your courteous romance. I wish they never had to end. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Cindy Gallagher says:

    It’s so nice when the Magic Lasts Forever. I asked my husband the other day, when we were having company for dinner, if he would vacuum the floor. His reply was, “I would love to vacuum the floor.” I smiled at him. I rarely ask him for help but he ever so willingly got up from the game on TV, and did a great job. He also has dishpan hands. I love a man with dishpan hands.

  9. Sandy says:

    “I would love to vacuum the floor” is a wonderful answer! How sweet.

    I get a kick out of men who “don’t know” how do to anything. If a man can’t make a meal, he wouldn’t have been a very good cave man!

  10. Cindy Gallagher says:

    My Dad also had dishpan hands. He would always do things to help my Mom. He said doing dishes really helped to clean his hand. He only had one. He was a hard worker with garden stained, grease stained and just obviously a hard working hand and stub. I miss him. He was amazing with that one hand. Only thing he couldn’t do was button his right cuff.

  11. Jaytha says:

    Although ive only been married 3 years, I totaly agree with you. As a stay at home mom and wife, somethimes just the simple words of, “hey the house looks nice.” ” Thanks for taking the trash out,” do make a big difference in your relationship. Every day I clean, cook, take care of babies, clean clean clean and sometimes just being recognized for the work i do around the house and with the boys makes me feel like im appreciated by him. We know they love us but do they appreciate us is sometimes the bigger question. Thanks Sandy!

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