Our Day

The day began as they usually do… rolling out of bed, quietly getting our coffee, getting dressed, headed for the computer and the phones.  As it sometimes happens, G was on his phone talking as he waved to me and headed out the door.  He had appointments and meetings.  I had plenty of work at my own desk.

I needed to get my column e-mailed off to the newspaper, and I wasn’t quite finished with it.  Still working on documents for taxes.  Needed to go to the bank.

We like to have lunch together, and usually can make that happen.  We don’t know when that will be, and because he meets with so many people and deals with so much on the jobsites, I just wait for a text from him giving me about a 15 minute warning.  That came around 1:30 on this day.  He’d met with a building inspector, had blue prints made, dealt with a big remodel, been to a couple of sites.  He was on the phone when I climbed into the truck, and I think he took 3 calls while we ate our lunch.

We went to get some supplies to take to a job, and between calls we tried to fill each other in on the morning events. 

By the time we got home (or should I say, back to the office?) it was after 4:00.  We went back to work.  A sub was coming by to discuss plans and pick up a payment.  Since it was Friday afternoon, it was time to work on payroll.  We have a new employee, so I needed to dig into the withholding charts and set up new formulas.

Gary continued working on a house plan he’s drawing while I poured over a couple of invoices.  The pricing on some doors seemed off, and I was trying to get to the bottom of that.

Around 8:00 we stopped to go heat up some leftovers.  Fortunately I’d made a big supper the night before for a crew we have here working from out of town, so there was an easy hot meal thanks to the microwave.  Typically the house would have been silent, but we love the Olympics and tonight we had skiers and skaters keeping us company.

Back to our desks.   G back to his computer for drawing on a house we really need to get started, and me back to payroll.

It’s 9:30, and he’s still drawing.  I decided to type up the day’s routine… not because I want to impress anyone with the hours we put into our business on a regular ol’ day.  No, I just thought I’d mention that it’s Valentine’s Day. 

The love of my life is over there at his desk quietly clicking away building walls and windows on a computer screen.  There were no roses or chocolates or romantic cards in our day… and we’re both just fine with that.  You know us.  There will be other days… days when we gaze at the ocean and eat our chocolate.

I have a theory.  It’s my unscientific idea that couples who work together in a business have very good marriages.  This was one monstrous week.  We are both exhausted from it.  We’ve logged in late nights on top of busy days all month.  I had no grand expectation of being swept off my feet tonight simply because the calendar said it was February 14.  Last week I had some notion that I’d cook a lovely dinner for us this evening.  Three days ago I realized there was just no need to add that to my plate.  One of these days I’ll give that another consideration.  At this point, I’m not seeing that light at the end of my tunnel.

And so ends this journal entry from a girl who’s a hopeless romantic.  And it’s time to call it quits.  My Valentine just asked me to come over to his desk to see his drawing.



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  1. Cheryl says:

    I love it. While I did cook tonight (and finished that romantic laundry) we had no big plans. Rudy didn’t get home until after 8…13 or 14 hours after he left this morning. So he rested, we ate, I folded laundry while watching skaters and skiers….he rested.:) Then we did have a fun dessert…he bought tulips yesterday (we like Valentine’s Day because usually there are pretty tulips for a few weeks that are cheap) and I bought a card, one I just happened to find a few weeks ago…although it is to him I really bought it for both of us…I’ll have to post it because I love it so much. All that to say I like how to me it can be romantic just being comfortable enough with each other to sit at home on a Friday night Valentine’s Day and enjoy it. While I know it wasn’t the point of your article, you two really are amazing with all you accomplish. Guess Gary will be too busy to make my swing.:))))

  2. lawaanda calton says:

    Enjoyed both of these “reports” girls! All of my children and many friends who are my age work long hours and have many projects!
    They all find time though to be mindful of “others” and to lend a helping hand when they can! It’s not too late for me to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to all of you!

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