Pat’s Twin Cronnies

The year was 1977.  I don’t remember years the way some old-timers can give you the year of the great ice storm… but since my parents graduated from high school in 1957, I know that it had to be their 20 year reunion when I had these thoughts.

It was the casual afternoon gathering in the Rotary Park, and the classmates were supposed to bring their families.  The summer of 1977 was the summer between junior high and high school for me, and I can vividly remember what I was thinking on that day in the park… that it was really great all those “old people” (Sorry, Mama & Daddy) still wanted to get together after all those years.

Hee hee, ha ha, ho ho.  Turns out they were a bunch of kids getting together!  I know that for sure, because this summer we’re celebrating our 30 year reunion… and we’re certainly not old folks!

Here’s something fun about our reunion.  We’ve had this drive-in in Portales forever.  At least forever in my life.  Pat’s Twin Cronnies.  (Yes, it seems like it should be spelled “Cronies”… but for some reason it has two Ns.)  I remember in the 6th grade, our teacher told us that she was the “Pat”, and that her husband had told her he’d “put her name in lights”.

When I was in high school it was owned by a family I “knew of”, but didn’t really know.   Now the daughter of those owners is one of my closest friends.

Today it’s owned by one of my classmates.  So… what fun we’re going to have tonight.  Just like old times, we’re all going to meet in the Pat’s parking lot.  We’re going to drink Vanilla Cokes and Cherry Docs, eat cheese sticks, order up some of those best malts and shakes in town.  And probably, just like our high school days, we’ll “make the drag”… although with the price of gas we’ll probably just cruise it once or twice.

Happy Reunion PHS Class of ’81!  Looking forward to seeing you all!

13 Responses to “Pat’s Twin Cronnies”

  1. Kim says:

    Have fun! Have a cheese stick and peanut butter shake for me!

  2. Marcea Clive says:

    Really neat thing to do….

  3. Bette says:

    Hope you have a grand time!!!

  4. kristi christensen says:

    That is where you took me for cheese sticks right? Yummmmm.

  5. Janice says:

    What a super ideal!

  6. Mary Anne says:

    Sounds like fun. Always great food there. Enjoy your reunion. It is always fun to see everybody.

  7. Paul says:

    that is so stinkin awesome!!!

  8. lawanda calton says:

    And the old timers who met in Rotary Park so many years ago are still getting together….. every 3 years now! We love each other! I hope your reunion is wonderful!! love mama

  9. Katie says:

    Yum! I love Pats!!!

  10. Jerry Fort says:

    Have a great time, Class of ’81!

  11. Marcea Clive says:

    Yes, and I have a picture of you with your mama at that reunion in Rotary Park…..I might have given it to her.

  12. Janet Herbert says:

    Love it!!! Grand O’le times!! I remember working on Friday & Saturday nights while my friends were eating & drinking in the parking lot. Lots of great memories…some NOT so great! Rolling thousands of tequitas, making chili, cheese stick, dixies, etc. Oh what a time. Best seller…Jumbo cheese fry and Large coke…priced @ $1.60, Dixies & Cheese sticks .55 cents
    Tequitas 3 for $1.00. Drinks…baby coke 5 cents, small .10 med .25 large .35. Milk shakes .55 cents… Foot long…65 cents!!! Prices not the same! Still Love Pats!

  13. Christy says:

    Oh how seeing those pictures takes me to being a little kid in the back with a baby dp and a fresh cheese stick waiting for papa to get off work.
    I hope you have a wonderful time!

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