Pecos Wilderness

      The camping gear is back in the closet… impatiently waiting to be taken out again.  What a wonderful week!

     Gary and I love to go backpacking.   Always fantastic to head into the wilderness wearing that pack, carrying the food and the gear.  It’s hard work for me – but the kind of hard work that brings such great pleasure.  I’ve done it again, I’m still hiking on those trails, I’m still carrying my weight.

     This trip was different.  Our nephew was along with us… his first adventure into the wilderness.  He’s a recent graduate from OU, and we’ve finally made this trip!   Another first – we met up with my dad, my uncle, and a friend who packed in the grouse hunting equipment along with food, food, more food.  Bacon, sausage, eggs, steaks, potatoes, onions.  Supplies for cobblers, pancakes, hush puppies, biscuits.   Fine dining.  Absolute fine dining!  (Thank you very much to the mules who carried it all.  I got a kick out of hearing you munch on the grass around my tent through the moonlit nights, and even got a chuckle out of the times you were determined to follow me behind the trees to keep an eye on me at all times!)

     Many days in life can fall into the category called mundane.  But those days spent camping in the mountains.. never!  They’re filled with campfire stories, spills into icy cold rivers (yep, that was me), unforgettable nights on hard, lumpy, cold ground, beautiful hikes through high mountain meadows.  These are grand days.  Days I treasure.  Days I look forward to all through the year.

     Have you slept in a tent lately?   If you can’t get to the mountains, pitch one in the back yard for the children in your life.. and crawl in with them.  It doesn’t matter where you are… the coffee will taste oh so good in the morning! 

     P.S.  Everyone loves the photo of the coffee pots.  I love it that they looked like something out of an old log cabin… but that blue one is brand new from Cabela’s.  Ah, Cabela’s!  My favorite!

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