Peloton Arrival

We're both comfy!

She walked right up to the barn, politely asked if she could stay, and proceeded to have a look around.  I asked G if we could possibly say no, and he replied, “We haven’t yet”.

Oh… we know how to say no.  Just ask friends and neighbors and family who have tried to give us kittens over the years.  We’ve become well rehearsed and very good at declining the offer, and we’ve been without a cat for more than a decade.

But it’s a completely different story when a little black cat walks up and asks to stay.  Just ask Rasputin, Blackna, St. Kitts and Chin Fee (also known as Raspy, Blacky, Kitters and Chinnie Bellarini).  They all discovered that we have a weakness for their sweet black beauty, and they all stepped into our lives completely on their own.

And so it was with adorable little Peloton.  Peli-Peli has made herself at home… quite comfortable on our glider, and fitting easily into our hearts.  I’d almost forgotten just how relaxing it is to have a cup of coffee in one hand while scratching a cat’s chin with the other.

Welcome home, little girl.


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