Picture Worth a Thousand Words

I have this wonderful old print.  It’s a painting that has the look of jigsaw puzzles and calendars from a bygone era.  We came across it when we were cleaning out closets after my grandparents had passed away.  The minute my mother saw it she said, “Oh!  It’s Mr. Toliver!”

It’s not really Mr. Toliver… the man sitting by the river with a campfire going.  But he was in the story.  Her grandmother would tell her bedtime stories about the pictures hanging on the walls, and this story of Mr. Toliver was filled with action.  Coming down the river in his canoe , enjoying the view of the magnificent waterfall, catching fish, walking down the path to see what was around the next bend… there’s plenty here for a great tale.

I never got to hear one of her stories, but my mother loves to tell a good story, and she probably learned that lovely art sitting in her grandmother’s lap.

I keep this picture in a drawer with special family photos. This morning I was putting something in that drawer, and this sweet little scene gave me a happy feeling all over again.  I love having those memories sweep over me.  The family name “Toliver”… my great-aunt married into that family.  The thought of my great-grandmother – of all our great-grandmothers – telling stories to little children, long before homes were filled with televisions and electronic gadgets.  And I like to ponder this… maybe my joy of telling simple stories was handed down to me through this dear woman I never knew.


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3 Responses to “Picture Worth a Thousand Words”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    I wonder how many children even hear bedtime stories these days……………

  2. Lawanda Calton says:

    Oh my, Sandy…….Your story today has me going back in time to that wooden rocker….”Ninny” rocking back and forth, and me on her lap. I kept my eyes on that picture while she told the story! I knew Mr. Toliver, but couldn’t really see him playing the part in the story…..but then I did not know him when he was young. I know his grandson though! And what good adventures he and I had as children! You know the story of the horse and the little red wagon!

  3. KIm Mann says:

    Love it!!!

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