Planning for a Happening

Princess Jaymie

Another beautiful day in Portales! The 18th Annual Holiday Happening was held in the ENMU Ballroom, and once again the room was filled with one glorious holiday table after another, friends and families laughing, enjoying the grand decorations and a delicious dinner.

Christmas at the Castle
The dishes are cleaned and put away, and like 50 or 60 others, I’m already dreaming up my table for next year.

This year’s table was “Christmas at the Castle”. It all started with a little ad popping up on the side of my computer screen for some lovely blue and white dishes… and priced just way too good to be true!

Next step – Figure out a way to build a castle!

Serendipity steps in – A friend posts a photo on Facebook of a little boy playing with a set of castle building blocks. I zoom in on the photo and get the name of the set from the box that’s in the background.

Progress – When the building blocks come in I spend a day at my mom’s house and we paint the blocks to match the dishes then hot glue them together… because there’s no way I’m waiting for the hurried holidays to assemble a castle.

Castle Napkins
Order some napkins to match the seat covers I already conveniently have in blue due to last year’s “Cruising for Christmas” table. Decide upon jeweled headbands for the gifts for my guests, which will double as napkin rings. Oh… and one bow tie for the gentleman who will be dining with us this year.

Prince Daniel
Set the table Friday afternoon while Christmas music fills the ballroom, along with the happy chatter of 54 other table-setters.
Final step – Enjoy another enchanted Saturday!

Princess Raley~

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  1. Sandy says:

    If you’d like to see more of the Holiday Happening tables, here’s a link to my album on Facebook:

  2. Kim says:

    Everything looks spectacular!

  3. Sandy says:

    Thanks! It’s such a special day!

  4. Denae says:

    It was a beautiful day!

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