Plug Nickels

A few of days ago I used the expression that something wouldn’t be worth a “plug nickel”.  I had these little electrical box “coins” in mind, and this week I had to laugh when I spotted these on one of our job sites.  That’s how it goes… you get something in your mind, and pretty soon it’s coming around again.

Interestingly enough, the day I used that expression I searched out the term on the internet just to see how it got started.  It’s from people taking actual coins, drilling holes in them, then plugging the holes with a worthless metal… making “plugged” nickels or quarters.

But when I use the term, or when I see one of these little round lookalikes on the job, my memory goes back to my childhood when we were building our house out in the country.  The fake nickels were everywhere, and I thought they were the neatest things.  I was curious if this trick would work, and I asked my father if I could try one out in a fancy gum-ball machine.  He told me that it probably wouldn’t work… but that you should never try something like that anyway because it would be dishonest.  Thanks Daddy.  I was listening.

And that’s my five cents’ worth to share with you today.  Children are watching and listening.  May they see the real deal in us!

4 Responses to “Plug Nickels”

  1. Bette says:

    Love knowing the history of expressions!! This was one that Rex frequently used!

  2. Marcea Clive says:

    I’ve heard it and used it all my life, but didn’t know how it originated. Thanks, Sandy.

  3. Donna Gill says:

    What a good dad . . . realizing that such a small moment was a ‘learning’ moment. 🙂

  4. Katy and Tad says:

    True, Sandy. We may think they’re not watching and listening, but they are.

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