Prayer Wheel Turning


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The phrase has been in my mind for several weeks.  “When you see a little prayer wheel turning, as you know a little fire is burning, you will find a little talk with Jesus makes it right.”

It’s how I learned the song as a child.  You all know me.  I don’t let a set of lyrics go unnoticed… and even as a little girl I wondered what in the world this was talking about.  Prayer wheel?  What was that?  So I learned years and years ago about the prayer wheels in Tibet at the Buddhist temples. 

Obviously there were lots of people who thought it was a bit odd that this phrase was in a beloved Christian song.  Words were changed in song books to make them more meaningful to our religion.  “When you feel a little prayerful yearning, as your heart  unto heaven is turning.”

I searched the internet for quite some time trying to figure out why the song writer would have chosen this phrase, and no one seemed to know for sure.  It’s a great gospel song written by a man with African roots.  Not the typical continent to find Buddhist inspiration!

Well… all this to say… I’m off to see some ancient prayer wheels.  Today’s the day of our trek that we’re scheduled to visit Swayambhunath Temple in Nepal.   (The Monkey Temple)  I’ll be taking photos.  And I’m pretty sure I’ll be singing this tune!  I’m betting a little light from heaven will fill my soul.


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  1. I love all of this, Sandy!!! What a gift it is to everyone to be able to see all of this. And since I love “Have A Little Talk With Jesus…..I love the prayer wheel turning …. prayerful yearning.”

    I also love traveling with you every time you and Gary go someplace. You seem to pick all the places I love. Big hugs to both of you and thank you.

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