Priceless Possessions


The photo blurs, but my memory of Nana mashing potatoes is clear as a bell.

Throughout my home I have precious heirlooms.  Precious to me, although to a guest dropping by, they might just appear to be trinkets I’ve found in antique shops and garage sales.  There are bowls and rolling pins from great-grandparents.  String holders, shaving mugs, quilts and ear clips.  I’m guessing you have treasures like this too.

I used to fear that these wonderful pieces of my history could eventually lose their stories… that my nieces and nephews might not know or remember where they came from.  I kept thinking I should write something on note cards to put with each special item.  Then it hit me!  I’d write the stories and put them on the world wide web.  The category on my blog dedicated to these keepsakes may just be my favorite.  You know the one…  “I have this…”

If you are fortunate enough to own something that belonged to a special family member or friend, I encourage you to tell its story.  Put it in writing.  Somewhere down the road we don’t want this to be said of our treasures, “Oh how pretty.  I wonder where this came from.”

May my Nana’s potato masher and my Grandma’s plate be cherished for generations to come.  I wish the same for your priceless possessions.


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