Pursuing Peace

Sadly, it takes effort to relax.  Doesn’t seem right… but often times, that’s the way it works for me.  So glad I found a few moments this beautiful Sunday morning.

It’s been too hot to sit out on the glider enjoying coffee.  I’ve tried it a few times, only to be chased inside by the infernal scorching sun and wind this summer.  But finally, we’re having a “cool snap”.  The ten day forecast calls for temps below 100.  Okay, several days call for 98 and 99… but we will take it!

This morning the cool breezes were blowing, and I was determined to enjoy them.  I made a cup of coffee upstairs, promptly bumped my hip on the newel post and splashed some coffee onto the stairway as I tried to make my way to the front porch.  But I got there.

Then I sat there a bit frustrated at the dried up grass and scraggly flower beds, reminding myself that cooler days are coming, and perhaps things will spruce up… not just the plants, but my worn out attitude as well.

I shed some tears as I thought of a recent tragedy, and I prayed for all the people who are deeply affected by this loss.

And finally, I was calm, and the flowers looked more lovely, and I could actually hear the birds.  They were there singing all along, but I would never have heard them had I not truly slowed down and let go of everything.  Five or six different songs coming from all directions… with the cooing doves singing the predominant notes.

It took some doing to smell the marigolds and listen to the birds singing their chorus of praise this morning.  Seek peace.  Indeed!  Pursue it!

2 Responses to “Pursuing Peace”

  1. Cindy Gallagher says:

    Well that picturesque flower scene is certainly enough to make you take time to smell the flowers. Made me feel relaxed. I actually feel like a nap now.

  2. Sandy says:

    It’s my happy little view on the glider. I thought about coming back upstairs, getting my real camera, heading back down, trying to get a better photo than this one the phone took. Realized that wouldn’t really be in the spirit of pursuing peace… so I just let it go. (And I decided I liked it a little bit fuzzy. Good! I hope it inspires Sunday afternoon naps all around!!)

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