Reading, Writing & Reality

The first day of school!  I’ve loved seeing all the photos of little ones off to their grand adventure.  Especially the kindergarten pictures.  Those really melt my heart.

My friend and I laughed about her daughter’s impression after the first two days.  She liked it fine, but was fairly disappointed that she hadn’t gotten to paint yet, and didn’t get to play a tambourine in music class.

The tiny girl came home the next day with big news of what she’d learned about alarms.  There are three of them.

The tornado alarm is when you need to duck under something and wait for the tornado to go by so you don’t get hurt.

The fire alarm is when you need to go outside and wait until the fire is out so you don’t get burned.

The stranger alarm is when you need to hide because a stranger is at the school, and you need to be very quiet until the police come and take the stranger away.

And at this story my friend and I got tears in our eyes.  Thankful her little one is learning what to do.   Miserable this “stranger alarm” exists.


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