I wonder if it must be done

Do we all need to state at least one

Then do it I will

If this need I must fill

To write down a resolution

(Put heavy emphasis on the SHUN in “resolution” in order to make this limerick flow… thank you very much!)

When this date rolls around every year

It’s a custom we all hold quite dear

We say what we’ll do

Before the year’s through

So I’m doing it right now and here

I’ll go to the woods when I can

I’ll walk on those trails, oh so grand

I’ll wear boots to hike

I’ll ride on my bike

The mountains will be in my plan

I’ve spent the afternoon watching wonderful documentaries about our National Parks.  So many I’ve been to.   So many I must still go to.  No definite plans… yet!  But I hope 2011 finds me on many mountains, looking out over fabulous views, smelling the pines, and listening to rushing rivers.

Happy New Year!  I hope you have some ‘lofty’ plans!

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  1. lawanda calton says:

    You help me remember my days of boots and trails. Living just a short walk before entering the National Forest. Then ascending to a view out over the whole Taos area and westward to the Rio Grande Gorge!

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