Roosevelt County Fair

It’s time for the Roosevelt County Fair!

Tuesday morning we went to the pork chop breakfast to kick it all off.  All our friends from the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home were there serving up smiles along with a huge and delicious breakfast.

This week I’ll take my turn one night passing out balloons at the Roosevelt County Republicans’ booth.

G and I will do a little two-steppin’ out on the concrete slab while friends on the stage play guitars and fiddles.

We’ll eat some of Barbara George’s famous Tasty Taters.  That will be the main evening meal… and I’ll eat a 4-H burger as a side dish.

We’ll look at all the paintings and photography… plenty of family and friends will have entries.

And the chicken barn… I have to go through that one!  What beautiful birds!!  I’ll spend lots of time looking at each one.  And then I’ll make a sashay through the pig, cow, sheep, rabbit and horse barns.  It’s always fun to see all that pampering going on.  (By the way… I hope you’ll click this rooster photo up a couple of times to see the full image on your screen.  That eye is mesmerizing!)

Children from our family, from our church family, and from our neighborhood will have all kinds of jellies and crafts and sewing entries.  I’ll keep an eye out for their names on those tags.  And I’ll be peering through that chicken-wire trying to read the names on the quilts, the cookies, and the woodworking projects to see who all needs to be congratulated for red, white and blue ribbons.

Mostly, we’ll just meander around the fairgrounds wearing big smiles and blue jeans, meeting up with friends – some that we only see once a year… same time, same place!  Conversations will be fun… country music in the background, sounds from the rodeo arena speaker system drifting over the night air, ferris wheel and tilt-a-whirl lights flashing in the background.

It’s a small fair.  Certainly wouldn’t make a movie backdrop.  But for our communities… Causey, Dora, Elida, Floyd, Kenna, Lingo, Milnesand, Pep, Rogers and Portales – the county seat… it’s a special event, and we love it!


3 Responses to “Roosevelt County Fair”

  1. Sandy says:

    After I wrote this yesterday, I headed back to the fairgrounds to watch lots of my little friends and also some cousins showing their pigs. Ribbons all around. Great times!

  2. Betty Williamson says:

    Nicely said, as usual!

  3. Katie says:

    Wish we were there! I loved going to the fair there when I was young!! I’d be having a funnel cake for sure! This is a great post, Sandy!

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