See You Around


If you stepped into my shoes and followed my paths for a few days, you’d discover that I love travel.  (And of course, if you’ve ever spent anytime on this website, you already knew it to be true!)

My television viewing usually deals with fascinating places around the globe, or amazing meals prepared by cultures worlds away from my own.  A history of the websites searched on my computer would reveal outfitter packages to the Himalayas, and villages in remote jungles of Honduras.

The coffee table holds glossy travel brochures with destinations to dream of, and guide books to the most beautiful parks in America.  There are maps on the wall, and I never leave home without my trusty pocket atlas in my mochila.

I was looking at a wonderful travel magazine the other day, taking in each glorious photo… hoping to visit some of the places, and pinching myself with the reality that I’ve already been to some of them.  To my surprise, after imagining a gondola ride in Venice and a hike in the mountains of Norway, I turned the page to find a journey to a tiny town in West Texas.  And I was captivated.  The author of the piece painted such a marvelous vision of the life and culture there – my very own!

The people of this planet enchant me.  Hope to see you around.


2 Responses to “See You Around”

  1. Jackie (Rankin) Barnett says:

    Which magazine? I want to read it!

  2. Sandy says:

    It’s a great magazine called “Afar”. I’m going to mail it to you. =)

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