Senior Pictures

It doesn’t surprise you to hear me say I love tradition.  As much as I love change and movement… I also love classics.  Taking a close look at myself, I think I’m just comfortable walking a few steps behind the times.

I stay with old music.  I love the old hymns best… the poetic wording, the glorious melodies.  And I love pop music that was well before my time.  Doris Day and Frank Sinatra really make me smile.

I’m bad at the gadgets, and it’s pretty close to unbelievable that I can actually get words and photos onto a website!

Anyway, just thinking how much I love the new senior pictures.  Oh my!  The fun poses, the fun clothes, the fun locations.  High school seniors have such a good time these days.  The style changed just as I was graduating in the early 80s.  A few people were launching into this trend, but not I.  Oh no.  I never even dreamed of it.  I went right down to Bingham’s on my scheduled day, chose the background and chose the white fur stole, tilted my head in a few different directions and that was that.

I’m so glad.  I really love being associated with that era.  But hats off to today’s photographers!  What creativity!


4 Responses to “Senior Pictures”

  1. Jany says:

    You were cutting edge if you got to choose a back drop and a drape! We were told whether our class had a black drape or a black Boa, and it was the same for everyone, just like a class ring, they were identical, But I too, liked it that way!

  2. Sandy says:

    You know what Jany… you’re right! That lace background was brand new! I was so excited to choose it! Those were the days… =)

  3. Sharon says:

    that woman really had a flare for the dramatic! Broke my heart to find out she was a hoarder with motorcycles and dogs all over the place, I just knew she lived in a modern house with danish modern furniture and 1 black cat. She was unique.

  4. Lawanda Calton says:

    In the senior pictures of my “era”, we all look like we were still in Jr. High! I think two fellas in my graduating class had a CAR! But we ALL had Elvis Presley!!

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