Seventh Home – Round Table

One day you might be cheering for your middle school soccer team and end up meeting the parents of a player who will turn out to be very good friends, and the chance meeting could end up changing the path of your life.  Isn’t that just how it happens?

So it was that we met the family that was headed to the States for a year, and needed someone to rent their house in the village of Agat.  And that’s how we came to stay in Joan and Graham’s house on Round Table, which was actually San Antonio de Padua Circle.   This brought us to a little church in the village where we found such cherished friendships.  And it brought us to the village where we purchased a beautiful piece of property to build our house… but goodness sakes, I’m getting ahead of myself!

Our second year on Guam we continued teaching at Piti Middle School, just down the road.  We bought a boat.  Oh and this… we got a call one day from a man saying we didn’t know him, but he knew of us, because his mother lived in Portales, and while he was lamenting on the phone with her that he couldn’t find good help for his construction business, she told him about us moving over there.  What a small world.   We did lots of work with this man and his brother-in-law.  Gary still played racquetball all the time.   And this was the year we fell in love with international travel.  We went to Bali and we went to Hong Kong, and I’d say this is when we acquired the unquenchable desire to see new places, eat exotic food, and experience different cultures.

The simple McKee Craft boat became one of our all-time favorite possessions.  Over the years Gary did so much spearfishing out of that boat, and we took so many sunset cruises.  We loved living right on the coast in that little village, and we knew we wanted to stay around for awhile, so along with owning a boat, we decided to become land owners.  

I’ve often looked back on this year and its turn of events.   We had already looked at another house to rent in a different village, and were making plans to move there.   But a friendly conversation at a Saturday morning soccer game took us in a totally different direction.  I’m sure the other path would have been very lovely… but I will always be so thankful for this turning point.


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