Sheriff Andy Taylor

Sheriff Andy Taylor never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings.

He didn’t worry when his pants legs were hung up in his boots.

He gave Barney credit, and always wanted the best for his friend.

Andy took the time to truly listen to Opie.

He sat on his front porch and sang.

Thank you, Andy Griffith.  You gave us an mm-mmmm good slice of the Americana Pie.


10 Responses to “Sheriff Andy Taylor”

  1. michelle Pond says:

    This was so cute, Sandy. I adored Andy Griffith for these and many more reasons. Aren’t we blessed that we can still see him on TV?

  2. Sandy says:

    Blessed for sure! I can watch the show again and again, always laughing, always loving the lines and the antics.

    He is one of the great legends of our life time!

  3. Katie says:

    I love the lives of the people of Mayberry! We will be watching episodes later in memory of this great guy!

  4. Sandy says:

    Yes, I think tomorrow we should watch “Barney’s New Car” to celebrate America… and the life of this man who brought such joy to our nation!

  5. Micah says:

    Love Barneys new car….when he is assigning seats and gomer gets to sit by the window!

  6. Sandy says:

    And that takes care of the backseat!

  7. Katie says:

    I love the look on his face when that steering wheel is coming straight at him!!

  8. Sandy says:

    I love it when even Aunt Bea is having to help push the thing!! And Barney is so dejected!

    Even so… Andy let Barney be the hero in the end. =)

  9. Marcea Clive says:

    Aunt Bea was my favorite.

  10. Betty Williamson says:

    I loved this show for so many reasons. It’s still as funny today as it was when it first aired, and it’s still as clean and wholesome and gentle and good-hearted as ever. Nice tribute!

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