Shop Fairies Saved the Day

What a difference a photograph makes!

It was just a bad day.  Nothing tragic.  Just bad.  Wind howling here like it can… dirt filled gusts over 50 mph.  G’s phone ringing non-stop while walls blew down and sand filled the job sites.  Customers unhappy because things aren’t screwed down tight.  Jobs falling behind schedule.  Hard to find enough people to do all the work.

For some reason my computer has decided to stop allowing me to click on links, so the silly task of copying and pasting every URL into the address bar is driving me nuts.  (I don’t even know what URL stands for!)  The new printer is grand, but I have to learn a new set of hoop-jumping tricks to run it, and these are the types of things that stress me out.

At the end of this long day I was trying to find my link for issuing non-taxable transaction certificates (and that’s all tied up in the new-printer-hoop-jumping routine), when I ran across an old e-mail in the business folder titled “Shop Fairies”.  What in the world?

I clicked it open and the day was saved!

It was a five year old e-mail I’d sent to a few people, along with this message:

When the shop is a mess, I’ve been known to say “there are no shop fairies”.  Turns out, THERE ARE!!   However, I’ve been right in my assumption.  They don’t come in and clean the place up… they just dance, and dance, and dance!

It’s amazing what a sweet little photo of two little girls can do for the nerves.   They had abandoned a bridal shower to go whirl and twirl and giggle to the music while Gary worked in the shop.  Sweet memory.  Sweet escape from a hard day’s work.

Need a break?  Dig out an old photo album today!




6 Responses to “Shop Fairies Saved the Day”

  1. Katie says:

    I love it!

  2. Micah says:

    This has made my day today!! Oddly enough I too was looking at old pictures yesterday and came across the sweetest one of them hugging in Riley’s room… I’ll pass it along!

  3. Glenda Powell says:

    Sandy, I always enjoy my “visit” with you and your sunny disposition.

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks for dropping in for a “visit”!

  5. Kim says:


  6. Betty W. says:

    And now you made my day, too!

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