I have the right to remain silent.

It’s a phrase that just keeps finding its way into my thoughts.

Self-imposed guilt… it’s ridiculous.  It matters to no one but myself that I rarely add anything to my blog.  I have no grandiose idea that anyone is out there wondering why I’m not writing much lately.  It’s just my thing.

And when you do what you do, and then you can’t find the desire to do what you do… you feel guilty that you’re not doing what it is you “do”.  Anyway, that’s how it works for me.

But I’m swamped and overwhelmed lots of days.  A little bit tired.  There have been some hard knocks in this first half of 2015.  It’s one of those years that has me looking longingly at the calendar and hoping December gets here in a hurry.

So – all is well.  My yard is more beautiful than ever.  My cat still loves helping me with the roses while I protect her from the tormenting mockingbird.  My husband remains the sweetest man on the planet.

And I’m just taking a little break from some of my responsibilities.  I have to work really hard at giving myself permission to do that.  Maybe you do too.

It’s okay.  We have the right to remain calm and silent.


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  1. Kim says:

    So true!!

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