Simple Pleasures Kind of Day

     Today has been a “simple pleasures” kind of day!

     Breakfast with new friends.  Very enjoyable!

     While out running errands I had to stop on a main road as little pre-schoolers were taking the two block hike back to their school from the Fire Station.  I knew they’d been to the Fire Station, because they all had matching little red plastic fireman hats.  All lined up marching like ducks in a row, and absolutely adorable!

     Got my oil changed, with a special “stop-leak-additive”, and the fine print said I needed to keep the car running for two hours.  So, my mom joined me for a trip to Hobby Lobby in Clovis where I bought the most beautiful ribbons for my Holiday Happening table.  (I’ll be blogging about the Holiday Happening… just you wait!)  And with the car running in the parking lot, and the drive back and forth, I have hopefully sealed the little oil leak.

     And in today’s mailbox, my first Christmas edition catalog.   What a smile that brought to my face.  Not just because Christmas is coming, and not just because I love looking at all the great books that are out there just waiting to be read… but also because it reminded me that I’m actually an honest-to-goodness partner with this great company! 

     If you’re starting to wonder about Christmas gifts, or if you just think it’s time you treated yourself to a good book, I sure hope you’ll remember to come to my weblog for an easy click over there.  You can always find the companies I love on “My Favorites” page. 

     I hope your day has been filled with simple pleasures too.  Thanks again for stopping by!

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