Snake! Snake!

My recent encounter with a snake on the front porch has put me in the mood to tell a snake story.  We all have them… and this is my favorite.  I am the villain in this story.  Lower than the belly of the snake I shall tell about.  But confession does a body good, so here we go.

Years ago when my nephew and niece were very young, they were spending the day with me.  Billy had a new toy snake, and he was having fun outside.  The three of us were in and out of the house all morning, but at one point I was in my front office keeping an eye out the big front window.  Right off of the porch was the flower bed, and the garden hose filling it with water.  Katie and I had been making sure the petunias were watered.  (Hmmm… a trend here… I was watering petunias a few days ago when the snake gave me a fright.)

Suddenly, I saw her little four year old legs running as fast as they could go, her face filled with terror, and she’s screaming, “Snake!  Snake!”  I watched her plow through the muddy petunias, up onto the porch, straight for the front door.  I met her at the door, but wouldn’t let her in.  She was pounding on the glass yelling about the snake… and I was yelling from the other side that I would open the door, but she CAN’T run onto the carpet… my lovely light peach carpet.

Of course when I opened the door, she ran right over the tile entry way, and stomped her muddy little shoes all over that carpet.  I kept trying to calm her down and tell her it was her brother’s fake snake… all the while scolding her for not listening to me when I was trying to keep her off of my precious carpet.  She wasn’t buying it, and kept insisting it was a real snake.

A few minutes later I had things ready to take out to the mailbox, and after much coaxing, I convinced little Katie that we were quite safe to go outside, and we’d tell Billy how much he had frightened us with that silly snake of his.  She grasped my hand, and as we stepped off the front porch, we marched right over a huge bull snake – probably the biggest one I’ve ever seen in my life.  “Oh, Katie”, says I.  “You were right.  There IS a real snake!”

Ha!  I spent the rest of their Portales visit telling everyone what a brave little girl she was, and telling her she could run through my house with mud on her shoes anytime she’d like.  In fact, the next time she’s visiting me with her own little girly-girls, I should probably march them around in my muddy flowerbeds, then bring them inside to stomp on my floors just for payback!


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  1. Sandy says:

    The fellow in the photo gave me quite the fright earlier this week. I’d watered my freshly planted petunias with a watering can, back and forth all over the porch, then I sat down in that black rocking chair to relax for a few minutes at the end of a long day. I heard a strange hissing sound… and looked back over my shoulder! I suppose he was under the chair when I sat down. You can believe that I’m looking left and looking right when I step out on my porch!

  2. Pam says:

    When Colton was a young boy, he was always leaving fake snakes all over the house – in the refrigerator, under the covers on the bed, in the drawer of my nightstand, etc….always giving me a good scare! When he was in 4th or 5th grade, I took one of his snakes (one that coiled) and, without him being aware, put it between two pieces of bread and sent him off to Valencia with his sack lunch! Come lunch time, we were hiding around the corner (along with a McDonald’s hamburger for him!) of the lunchroom to see his reaction. It was priceless!
    How scary for you the other day! I’m not sure I’ve ever actually heard a snake hiss! That would be heart-stopping, for sure!

  3. Sandy says:

    Oh Pam! Talk about payback! How funny!

    When this snake hissed at me, I thought some kind of paper had blown up onto the porch and was scratching along behind me. Never expected to see what I saw! I instantly took care of job one: made sure there were no rattles!

  4. Marcea Clive says:

    That thing looks 6 ft. long. Good story.

  5. Kim Mann says:

    Love this story!!

  6. Sandy says:

    I love getting the stories written down!

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