Sounds of Silence

Ah… the sound of silence.  I cherish it.  I’ve just spent some time on my front porch enjoying the silence of the morning.  And in that silence I heard such a grand variety of birds singing.  I heard a child in my neighborhood playing with her dog.  There was another dog barking somewhere off in the distance.  A neighbor was working in his yard, so there was the occasional sound of the trimmer.  Farther off I knew cars were going down the road as people were headed here and there.

My day job takes place in my home office where I spend plenty of hours with spreadsheets.  Most of my days are whiled away in silence, and I’ve become quite accustomed to peace and quiet.

I know this is bucking the system.  Our world is crowded with noise.  If you watch an older movie, you’ll notice that there are long periods of silence… calm dialogue.  Today’s scenes must be loaded with action and sound to hold attention.  News programs are filled with panels of speakers, all vying for the top spot, louder and louder.

I love this quote from poet Edith Sitwell.  “My personal hobbies are reading, listening to music and silence.”

We’re fortunate in rural America to enjoy peaceful surroundings.  Listen for it today!


3 Responses to “Sounds of Silence”

  1. Betty Williamson says:

    How timely! I was out last night star-gazing with a group of students from Missouri State University who are spring-breaking through New Mexico. One of them said, “Let’s just all be quiet for a bit,” and they did, and then we talked about how very rare it is to still have a place where you can go for periods of time without hearing any noise created by humans. It is indeed worth holding on to.

  2. Sue Moore says:

    There are times I long for silence! Perhaps that is one reason mall-walking is NOT for me. I so much prefer walking in my Father’s world where I absorb His peace.
    I am glad you had this opportinity and shared, Sandy.
    Sending smiles~
    M. Sue

  3. Cheryl says:

    After my days with a 2-year-old boy and two, 4-year-old girls who NEVER stop talking, I relish a few moments of silence in the late afternoon! On our recent trip to the Hot Springs area we drove 5 or 6 miles down a dirt road to get to a trail that led to a small waterfall. The only sounds other than our footsteps were birds, the occasional lizard scurrying through dry leaves and the faint sound of rushing water in the distance. Heavenly!!

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