Speaking of Portraits

What a joy to have this website!  My mind loves to meander, and I sure enjoying pulling you along for the ride.  Since I took the photo of the portrait my grandmother painted of me as a little girl, I decided to share two other portraits.

This one was done by one of my mother’s artist friends, Thelma Ottesen.  I think she had a Dachshund.  Funny how that memory comes rushing in.  But that’s in my memory of sitting for this portrait.  And I remember Thelma as a beautiful woman with long dark hair.

Although I can remember very little about having my portrait done when I was a little girl, I have clear and happy memories from the day this one was painted.

My mother was visiting us on Guam, and she’d brought her oil paints along.  We had a great time painting at beautiful locations along with a good friend.  And then one afternoon we sat in my hat shop, and she painted me wearing one of the wonderful Panamas I had for sale.  Yes, a world away and a lifetime ago I had a hat shop by the seashore.  Ahhh… I love good memories.  Stir some up for yourself today!


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3 Responses to “Speaking of Portraits”

  1. Jany Warnica says:

    Lovely portrait, those are the only type of painting that entice me any more. But morer about the hat shop on the beach! Is that not a dream come true???

  2. Cheryl says:

    From pixie to a beautiful woman! What a legacy! And why did I never know that you had a hat shop? And why am I not surprised!:)

  3. Sandy says:

    Thank you! Yes, the hat shop was a delightful “job”… which actually turned into a baby-clothes-shop… since tourists love to buy gifts for babies.

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