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Excellent Example of Imperfection

I love excellence.  I really do.  I strive for it some areas of my life.  But I know my limitations.  I can’t play the piano.   Would love to.  Have tried.  Can’t do it.  I may plink around on a keyboard from time to time… but no one would ever ask me to play for the queen’s coronation.

The Amish have a saying about quilts… at least I read this once.  I hang onto it, because it’s a delightful way to explain away my mistakes.  No quilt should be perfect.   Only God can make something perfect.  So… they intentionally stitch in a mistake.

This works just great for me.  No worries that I might make a perfect quilt!  And here’s my happy philosophy.  If you made a perfect quilt, no one would use it.  They would think it needed to be handled with kid gloves.  So… can’t help myself… I stitch in plenty of mistakes!  This way, when people see it they can say to themselves, “This old thing?” And they can toss it on the ground for a picnic, wrap a child in it, or snuggle up under it to watch a good movie.

Another thing.  Don’t worry about making your pies too beautiful.  You don’t want people to feel guilty about slicing into them.

And there you have my stress-free advice for the day.  Sure sounds like a cop out when I see it written out in black and white!   Well, I know that there are just some things I’m not very good at… no matter how I try.  But I love making pies and quilts.  They won’t win gold medals, but they’re filled with love.  So I’ll continue on, I won’t volunteer my services in that area if the finished product needs to be grand, and I won’t get stressed when the corners don’t line up.

8 Responses to “Stress Free”

  1. michelle pond says:

    Wonderful post. If only my worries about excellence were about making perfect quilts and pies. I can do that. My turning away from excellence had to do with being a teacher and expecting it from others. Most people don’t care and once I learned that, things eased up.

  2. Sandy says:

    Michelle.. I had that exact same stress when I was a teacher. Thanks for teaching, all you teachers! I couldn’t ever get to the “stress free” point with it.

  3. Sharon Davis says:

    good post

  4. Cheryl says:

    Just the other day Rudy said it was a good thing he didn’t become an engineer. I said, “Good thing for all of us!” But I have as much a problem with perfectionism as he does, just in different areas and I probably internalize a little more! Thanks for reminding me that only God makes perfect things!

  5. KIm Mann says:

    Yes! For that reason I have quit trying to catch up on my work. I just don’t need the stress.

  6. Jana Dodd says:

    Love the post! I was just looking at pictures of a grand quilt with professional quilting and I thought it sure made my hand quilting look puny. But you are right, it is the thought that counts. I pray for the person as I am making the quilt and I would like to think they are extra special quilts because of it.

  7. Sandy says:

    I would say that makes them more than extra special, Jana!

  8. Robin Green says:

    Reading this, I want to say “Ahhhhh” and exhale a big breath.

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