Sweeter Than Apricots

My yard is very young… barely four years old.   I baby my plants along, and cheer as the little twigs slowly work toward becoming tree trunks.  My cherry tree hasn’t come up with any cherries yet, but my apricot has produced a couple of little crops.  This year I think we had about twenty.  The wind got half of them on a terribly windy day.  And then it got the rest on another terribly windy day.  (We do get those here!)

I got a phone call from a friend, letting me know that her apricot tree was loaded, and I was welcome to come share in the bounty.  I was to let myself into the back yard and gather as many as I’d like.

So that’s what I did.  No one was there this afternoon, and I sat for an hour in the shade of the huge, old apricot tree filling my bucket.  I’d sit in one spot and get all I could reach, then I’d ooch on over and collect some more.  The birds sang while the breeze nudged more fruit out of the tree… plopping down all around me.

It was the most pleasant thing I’ve done in quite some time.  I’m so thankful for nice people.  And for apricots too.


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6 Responses to “Sweeter Than Apricots”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    Sandy, remember they make the best jelly there is…… Those are really pretty, too.

  2. Lawanda Calton says:

    Simple pleasures are the best! Time to reflect and give thanks, appreciate good friends and anticipate the good cobblers to come! Thanks for sharing this afternoon delight!

  3. joyce says:

    oh this makes me so homesick for my Aunt Virgie Hawkin’s apricot orchard…she had many trees and the apricots were so good..of course as a 7 year old I did not appreciate having to pick them up for canning and jams and pies not to mention eating all we wanted…lol..what I would not give for a hand full of them right now…

  4. Cheryl says:

    So pretty! I never knew anyone who had an apricot tree until I became friends with you New Mexico folks! Ah….and Clytie’s apricots. So glad I got to sample some of those. I purchased about 6 or 8 apricots from my “veggie lady” (she runs a type of farmer’s market out of her garage!). She had only tasted them for the first time last week. But, alas, hers were from CA. Tasty, but I’m sure not nearly as good as these just off the tree.

  5. Oh, my, how I remember the apricots we used to eat from our visits in Portales. The trees in that area used to produce so many and they were so abundant. Mom would make jelly out of the ones we brought home. How good and sweet to remember.

  6. cindy says:

    I did that very same thing last year. A neighbor was blessed with an unbelievable crop of apricots. I gathered the the same manner as you and made apricot pie, jam, fried pies, and tried drying some. I was elated to be able to have some wonderful apricots. YUMMM!!

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