Taos Memories

I have this Jd Challenger mug.  A gorgeous portrait named “Wears Eagle Medicine”.  And how I love the story of this wonderful coffee cup.

All my nieces are incredibly beautiful and smart and talented… you know that by now.  But there’s one girl who holds a special place in my heart, because I was right there with her the moment she was born, and together we’ve shared some great adventures.

Three years ago my mom and I took her on her first visit to Taos, New Mexico.  She was only 9 years old, and she was enchanted with the place.  I tease her about that little vacation because she was also enchanted with every single store we walked past.  She had to have everything any little Choctaw descendant could ask for in the land of Native American treasures.  Jewelry, feathers, drums, pottery, leather pouches.  The girl wore me out!

She inherited her grandmother’s artistic talents, so even as a little girl she appreciated fine art, and knew to marvel at the paintings in the grand galleries we visited.

On the last day of our vacation we went into the Jd Challenger Gallery.  I told Lizzie I was buying something for myself for a change.  How I have loved that coffee cup.  It brings back the sweetest memories.

Last week my mother and I were fortunate enough to take Lizzie back to northern New Mexico.  She’s no longer a little girl.  She’s a delightful young lady with an artist’s eye.  She had some dollars of her own to spend, and she chose marvelous keepsakes from the Taos Pueblo.

She’s a girl after my own heart.  Photographs… that’s what she most wanted to bring home from our amazing time together.  And that’s what I wanted to bring home as well.

No new coffee cup this time around.  No need.  This one will always remind me of the beauty of Taos, and the joy of spending time there with my niece and my mom.


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  1. lawaanda calton says:

    It was a memorable three days! Seemed like twice as long considering all the neat things we heard and saw!

  2. Kim says:

    Thank you both so much for taking Lizzie on this trip. She made more memories to last a lifetime!!! 🙂

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