Tart Cherry Ice Cream

If these had been the kinds of experiments we had conducted in high school, I might have loved science.  Yes, I have continued on with my ice cream recipe experimentation, and it has been mighty delightful.  Since I love the tart flavors of sour cream and buttermilk so much, I’ve sure had fun coming up with variations.

I have a strawberry ice cream recipe that my Nana loved to make, and it called for a box of strawberry Jello.  So… I borrowed that idea for this recipe, and it’s a winner.  Pretty color, fun texture, and nice hint of cherry.  And when those canned cherries are frozen into the mix… oh my… what a fun treat!

2 Cups Sour Cream

2 Cups Milk

3 oz. Box of Cherry Jello

1 Cup Sugar

1 Can Tart Cherries, Drained

(Next time I might chop these cherries up a bit… but then again… I sure am enjoying every bite into these big frozen morsels!)

Now… who will help me eat all this ice cream? “My Field Days” has a one year anniversary coming up.  I think it’s time for an ice cream social!

10 Responses to “Tart Cherry Ice Cream”

  1. Kim says:

    Sounds fantastic! Make some when we come in September, please!!!

  2. Sandy says:

    Thinking of having an ice cream social the weekend you’re here!

  3. Betty Williamson says:

    I vote yes for the ice cream social! I’m not much of an ice cream maker, but I make cookies with the best of them, and I’d be happy to contribute! I think anything that gives us an excuse not to think about the drought is an idea worth exploring.

  4. lawanda calton says:

    What fun!…socializing with ice cream and cookies! I vote Yes!

  5. Sandy says:

    Let’s do it! I’m thinking Saturday, September 3.

  6. Bryan L says:

    Sandy, what size ice cream maker do you have?

  7. Sandy says:

    My Cuisinart is two quarts. It’s been my fun machine this summer for all the experiments!

  8. Cheryl Black says:

    I love how you didn’t make us ask for the recipe, because you knew we would! After I get my machine while we are having a hot fall (I’m sure we will!) I’m going to start trying all your ice cream recipes. And in answer to your question (if I were only there)…”I will. I will.”:)

  9. Bryan L says:

    Just thought I would let you know that you have had a bad influence on me. Receieved our new Cuisinart Thursday and made my first bacth of ice cream this morning – Put a twist on the Peanut Butter recipe in the book and added english toffee bits to it. I gained five pounds making it. 🙂 Probably more after we eat it.

    I opted for peanut butter because your family introduced me to the peanut butter milkshake at Pat”s.
    Thought I might make one later.

    I will be trying your receipes in the very near future

  10. Sandy says:

    Bryan, that’s just great!
    I know you’re going to love the Cuisinart and all the treats that will come out of it. Enjoy!!

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