Tenth Home – Helotes Apartment

Although we were sad to say goodbye to our island life, we were excited to choose San Antonio, Texas, as our next place to hang our hats.  We’d never lived in a city, and this location sounded so appealing.  We thought we had the proverbial tiger by the tail. It was going to be so easy to work without waiting on overseas shipping and language barriers.  It also looked like one of our investments was going to pay off in spades.  The living was easy, and we happily chose a temporary one bedroom apartment out in Helotes.

It was wonderful being close enough to family that we could drive east or west and easily visit.  We loved getting to hear Max Lucado preach on Sundays.  I stuck with my goal of running a 26.2 mile race, and was thrilled to finish the San Antonio Marathon that year.  Our little apartment was cute and cozy, and it actually was a great relief to give up the responsibilities of a large tropical yard, and switch to one geranium in a pot on the porch.

But the time there didn’t go as planned. The misery of 9-11-2001 hit us hard, as every penny of our lives was sitting in the stock market, having completely liquidated to leave Guam.  Texas Hill Country allergies claimed Gary as a serious target.  Our efforts to break into the real estate market there hit dead ends at every encounter.

I drove to Portales every month to help care for my grandparents.  Gary took a job selling cabinetry at Lowe’s.   We like running our own show, and this new world of “reporting to work” was quite foreign.  It became abundantly clear that this wasn’t for us, and we made the decision to head back to Portales.

This was a “riches to rags” year.  But I’d written a poem as a gift to Gary while we lived on Guam called “The Dreamers”.  It has several stanzas, but we’ve always loved the last one best.  The words were fitting as we picked up the pieces to move on.

The dreamers go on dreaming

They never miss a day

Making plans for bright tomorrows

May it always be that way


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