Texas Highway 36

 There’s a long stretch of road though the middle of Texas I love to travel… especially in April.  I call it my waltz across Texas, and always promise myself that the next time I make the sashay, I’ll allow plenty of time for photo stops.

But alas, I’m always in a hurry because – as beautiful as the drive is – I’m making my way to the true beauties of Texas… my nieces.

A girl from the high plains gets mighty excited to reach the texture of the land around Sweetwater and Abilene.  The bluffs and the mesquite begin to give way to rolling hills and massive oaks when we merge onto 36, making the southeast journey toward Houston.

The roadsides are filled with a glorious array of wildflowers, and those Texas Bluebonnets blanket the hillsides and pastures.  I always wish the longhorn cattle could realize just how fortunate they are to roam about in such grand surroundings.

Little towns like Hamilton delight me with their big-porch-and-gingerbread houses, their old stone court houses, their rose filled front yards.

Greener and greener grows the path as I look forward to my coffee stop in Brenham, that Blue Bell Ice Cream bastion.  I always feel at home in this town… a place I’d like to linger if Sugar Land wasn’t calling me onward.

On down 36 to the quaint streets of Rosenberg… but I’m so close to precious girlie girls at this point, I’m really just looking for exit signs.

If you’ve never been deep in the heart of Texas, you’re missing out on a jewel of a place.  There’s a myriad of highways and byways… but my favorite is 36 from Abilene to Rosenberg.  I hope you find yourself there someday!

 (My photo downloading does not do justice to the magic of Sugar Plum Fairy Photography.  I hope you’ll click over to my niece’s Facebook page and treat yourself to her gorgeous photos!)


7 Responses to “Texas Highway 36”

  1. Robin Green says:

    Just enjoyed the drive through Texas…. saw the bluebonnets, which were beautiful…. but missed seeing the darling nieces.

  2. lawaanda calton says:

    I love that route, too! Have many photos in my “boxes” of the oaks, the bluebonnets, rugged but graceful “driftwood”! And really great people there!

  3. Judy Crume says:

    I, too, Love Highway 36. I just returned from a Bluebonnet run to Waco, and usually go in on highway 6, and come back on 36. It was a wonderful year for the flowers! Even Sweetwater had some!! All over Texas (but the Heart is my favorite) are those beautiful, stately court houses…Come home by Anson next time and see theirs!

  4. Kim says:

    You know what they say about being “Deep in the Heart of Texas!!”

  5. Cheryl says:

    Sweet…glad you got to visit.:)

  6. Mona Roberts says:

    Sandy, I have traveled this road many times to go see my sister and family by Houston, and my Grandmother and Aunt in Teague,Texas. My Mom and Dad are from down that way and I was born in Houston and moved to Portales when I was five. I love going that way to and seeing the beautiful old homes and flowers, and crepe myrtles. My aunt passed away two years ago at age 95 and my sister and I went to her funeral. We stopped at Brenham at a garage sale and I thought that I would like to have spent a little more time there….and all the antique places on the side of the road and all the goodies out front. thanks for the memories.

  7. Sandy says:

    Mona, loved hearing your joy of “36” as well. Oh yes… the crepe myrtles are just grand in the summer! I marvel all the way, then come home to Portales and do what I can with mine!

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