The Artist

I ran across this recently… something my mother had written about herself, probably for a brochure, while she was living in Taos.  I share a little of her story with you, and I hope you’ll also click on over to her brand new site – – to see more of her beautiful work.


Pencils and papers, crayons and coloring books!  These things were my favorite “toys”. My parents and aunts and uncles kept me well supplied with them and with nice compliments.  Daddy even brought home rolls of “butcher paper” from his grocery store meat market for my panoramic scenes.

At age twelve I received a pretty set of oil paints and brushes from my mother.  She also introduced me to her friend who painted beautiful things on canvas.  Mrs. Orr lived nearby in our hometown of Portales, New Mexico.  I spent many Saturday mornings in her home painting with her.

From that time I have never been far from tubes of color, long handled brushes and the smell of linseed oil!  The painting adventure continues with active participation in art shows, galleries, art organizations, and classes.  Whether as the teacher or as the student I have met hundreds of nice people and traveled to beautiful places to paint. I have lived in Taos for the past ten years surrounded by the mountains, sagebrush and adobes.  Most of my paintings are landscapes depicting the beauty of New Mexico.


You can see where I inherited my joy for descriptive writing!  Please spend some time enjoying her beautiful paintings.  My brother-in-law and my niece have put together a wonderful gallery of her artwork on her new site….  “Lawanda Calton”


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  1. Lawanda Calton says:

    I’m speechless…. Thank you Sandy! “Drawing and coloring” has been a good thing for me, but the best thing in the world is my dear family. Those around me today and those who have gone on………

  2. Kay Odom says:

    My dear,dear friend and artist Rita White told me years ago “better get one of LaWanda paintings ” She is going to be more famous than she is now”. I love the article.

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