The Birds

The alarm clock this fall is a flock of grackles.  Here they come – every morning – stomping all over the roof and singing out a good morning chorus.  They’re fun… even though they’ve just about taken over Portales!  (They’re the reason we had to get rid of the trees on the square.)

This photo brought about Alfred Hitchcock comments, and I’ve been laughing about my history with “The Birds”.

My cousin and I were plagued by this movie after our viewing at the tender age of three!  Ha!  A babysitter had no idea of the torment she was inflicting!  We both grew up absolutely terrified of birds.  It didn’t help that at the sweet little age of six, a bird flew right over me at Nana’s house, pooping right down on my little blue sailor suit.  Birds were definitely not my friends!

One year when I was teaching second grade at Ranchvale, we had a wildlife assembly.  I was in the group of teachers selected to go to the front and help hold a gigantic boa constrictor.  My students thought I was so incredibly brave.  Little did they know that the snake hadn’t bothered me one bit, but the thought of the vulture leaving his post and pecking me to death had kept my heart racing throughout the whole show!

Enough is enough with that kind of thing.  It’s ridiculous to sit in a friend’s home, praying all the while that their pet parakeet can’t escape the cage and come peck your eyes out.

So… I shall never forget the day we took drastic steps to conquer the fear.  Right down to the Woolworth’s on St. Thomas we drove, with me gathering every ounce of courage I could muster.  In we marched, right to the pet department, and selected two beautiful birds… one sky blue and one aqua.  We gave them good Caribbean names… Dominica and Calypso.  (In the islands that’s pronounced domaNEEca.)  They rode home in their cardboard box in the backseat, and I was predictably a nervous wreck.

Fun memories!  I eventually got brave enough to put my finger in their cage and let them sit on it, and couldn’t believe it when I could actually let them out to just meander around and sit on my shoulders if they wanted.  I can happily say they cured the bird phobia.

Glad I wasn’t terrified of spiders.  I don’t like the idea a pet tarantula.

6 Responses to “The Birds”

  1. lawanda calton says:

    Maybe these grackles are coming to pay homage to King Rooster every morning! lol

  2. Aileen says:

    Your story made me think of the old mean rooster that would set on top of the chicken house when I was little and jump on your head and peck you every time you passed that way. Oh how I hated that rooster! Still do not like chickens to this day.

  3. Diane says:

    Sandy, I just love to read your stories. You are a wonderful writer. Keep writing!!

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks Diane! I love to write, and I sure appreciate you and everyone else for reading my little stories!

  5. joyce says:

    we have a swarm of black birds here in Tn too that people try to get rid of…but they come back every year…just like in Portales…lol..enjoy your stories.

  6. kristi says:

    I remember you and I talking about your bird phobia, but didn’t realize it was in St. Thomas that you overcame that fear. =)

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