The Gift of Music

Live entertainment up on a stage… we love it!  Gary and I rarely go to the movies.  Instead, we’ll get tickets in advance, mark the calendar, and look forward to special concerts and plays.

Our favorite concert this holiday season was The Kingston Trio.    Can you believe it?  They’ve been touring since 1957!  Well, the singers have changed over the years, but they’ve kept the same sound. What a joy to hear some of the Christmas songs from the 33s of my childhood, sounding just as I remember them.  Especially “Here We Come A’Caroling”.

But perhaps the biggest thrill for me was when they sang “Tom Dooley”.

When I was a little girl, my sister and I walked to the neighbor’s house for our piano lessons every week.  She’s four years older than I, and was just naturally better at it.  She played beautiful music like “Fur Elise” while I struggled with “Snug as a Bug in a Rug” in the beginner books.

How thankful I am for my parents who always saw us as individuals.  (And who obviously recognized I was never going to get the hang of the piano!)

I think I was in the fourth grade when I started wanting a guitar.  And so my parents bought me a ukulele.  I had to prove myself on that tiny little four stringed, cheap plywood instrument before I could graduate to the guitar.  It came with a little pamphlet with finger charts for the chords, and a few little songs.

And this is how it came to be that the first song I ever learned to play was “Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley”.

Playing those chords came almost as naturally to me as breathing, so the next wonderful gift that came my way was that dreamed of guitar.  It became such a huge part of my life.  Together, the guitar and I spent lots of time up on stages providing the entertainment.

I think this may have been my first performance.

Mama & Daddy… I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful gifts you’ve given me!  Merry Christmas!


4 Responses to “The Gift of Music”

  1. Sharon Davis says:

    You have entertained all of us with your beautiful voice…Merry Christmas

  2. Kim Mann says:

    You are a natural!!

  3. Robin Green says:

    Kingston Trio, yes!

    I never knew you sang on a telethon! It makes me teary-eyed thinking of your sweet voice going out on television.

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks, everyone!

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