The Rich Get Richer

People have the greatest hobbies, don’t they?

I know a man who loves softball.  He talks it, plays it, umps it, coaches it.  For adults and tots alike, he can’t wait for the season to roll around every year, and it’s fun to see him so animated.

I know a woman who quilts.  Not a little.  A lot!  Every scene she passes is an inspiration, every old shirt a fabric possibility, and every spare dime a reason to head to the notions store.

I know people who are never content with their yards.  They pour over gardening magazines and would rather stroll through a plant nursery than any place else on earth.  Ever dreaming up new flower beds and fountains, they are happiest holding a shovel while wearing leather gloves.

I know someone who runs three businesses… more if you count the businesses within the businesses.  When you talk to her, those eyes will be flashing as new thoughts take hold in her mind of ways to expand.  She is a thriving entrepreneur.

Do the rich get richer?  They usually do.  It’s their hobby.  It’s what they’re good at.  What they enjoy.  I’m happy for them.


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