They Aren’t You

I don’t care what you say… I love this color!

It’s always good to get inspiration.  I’m all for that.  Actually, I’ve just been to the International Builders’ Show for this very reason.  But I’m going to take a few moments here to encourage individualism and creativity.

As builders, we regularly get asked what the infamous “they” are up to.  Are “they” using wallpaper?  What colors are “they” using?  If “they” are putting down wooden floors, then perhaps we’d better join the crowd.  We always encourage people to follow their own dreams.  Paint it pink if that’s what you like.  Wallpaper to your heart’s content if it strikes your fancy.

I got started this morning when I saw a critic’s remarks on how women had dressed for a gala evening.   One gorgeous golden gown was given the thumbs down because this woman’s peers had all chosen brighter colors, yet some were praised for wearing black.  But the clincher!  A woman in a fabulous blue dress with the caption, “Doesn’t she know long sleeves are for women over sixty?”

How about this?  The woman outshone them all for her intelligence in choosing not to freeze to death, and wearing a color she loved.

You are you.  Don’t let the invisible “they” dictate your life.


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